We will continue to offer in-person viewings and appraisals under the latest government guidelines. More details on the precautions we will be taking can be found here.

Landlord Information

Weald Property will:

  • Market the property through our extensive business contacts throughout the region. The property will also feature on several national web search engines to ensure full internet exposure as well as being displayed on our own website.
  • Hold a key to the property (where required), organise and undertake accompanied viewings at the property.
  • Seek out prospective tenants and negotiate an acceptable rental. Conclude the Terms to be granted in the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Obtain full references on the Tenant through a referencing agency* This usually includes financial, employee and public search references. Only Tenants who provide satisfactory references will be considered, however subject to your approval, other forms of referencing may be acceptable. Should sharers be considered they will be dealt with on a joint and several basis only.
  • Negotiate and prepare a Tenancy Agreement acceptable to both parties*
  • Prepare our own Tenancy Agreement and will ensure it is signed by you and the Tenant*
  • Collect the first month’s rent and arrange for the Tenant to pay subsequent rent to you by standing order. 
All fees will be deducted from the initial rental payment. In cases where the first month’s rental is 
insufficient to cover our fees, we will account to you for the balance.
  • Collect and hold the deposit as Stakeholders within the Tenants Deposit Scheme* We take a deposit 
equivalent to 5 weeks rent, unless otherwise agreed. Any interest accumulated is retained by Weald 
Property Management.
  • Contact you well within the legally required period to establish whether you wish to extend the tenancy, 
or increase the rental and ensure that all necessary documentation is prepared*
  • At the end of the tenancy, pay the agreed balance of the deposit to the Tenant and transfer any remaining agreed balance of the deposit to you for dilapidations (if any) once you have both agreed any charges (if any)*

*Additional fees apply.

In addition to providing services in Clause 1 above Weald Property will:

  • Receive rent.
  • Pay it to you, less any necessary deductions/fees, into your nominated account promptly each month (Payments will be received by you no later than ten days after receipt by WP).
  • We will prepare a statement and account to you as instructed.
  • Should the need ever arise, we will actively chase late payments and keep you fully informed* 2.5. In the event of the Tenant falling into arrears, the fee will be charged to your account when rent is due.

*Additional fees apply.

Upon being instructed to fully manage a property, in addition to Clauses 1 and 2 above, Weald Property will:

  • Deal with day-to-day maintenance and tenancy matters at your property to ensure you have a well-cared for home and a satisfied tenant, up to a value of £250.00. We attend to repairs promptly to maintain the property condition and avoid unnecessary deterioration. If the likely cost will exceed this amount, WP will obtain your instructions.
  • We will arrange transfer of utility accounts and council tax account into the tenants’ names and provide all readings.
  • We will arrange payment of the property’s outgoings, such as insurances, regular maintenance costs, etc. We will only be able to make payments on your behalf if we are in funds, either through rental income or by holding a Management Float.
  • We will require a Management Float of £250.00. By signing this agreement you agree with the setting up of this fund. The float balance will be deducted from rent received by WP unless an alternative method of payment is agreed with you. In the event of an emergency, WP retains the right to instruct works to be carried out in order to minimise any possible damage to your property.
  • We will inspect your property every 6 months throughout the tenancy in order to check the property is being well looked after and no damage has been sustained. We will provide you with a written report. Should you wish WP to perform additional visits; these will be charged in addition to the management fee. (Please see schedule of charges)
  • We will notify you of any visible defect of the premises or contents which may be discovered from our inspections, or which we are notified by the Tenant.
  • On your instruction, WP will arrange a detailed inventory and schedule of condition. WP will arrange a checkin of the tenant into the property by checking through the inventory with them. At the end of the tenancy WP will arrange a checkout of the tenant from the property, and organise any works required to return the property to its original standard allowing of course for fair wear and tear*
  • We will arrange and supervise any cleaning, repairs or replacements that are found to be necessary. We prefer to use contractors wherever possible who already know the property although we will need to be in funds from you before any work can commence.
  • Management instructions cover a minimum term of the first fixed term tenancy period of the letting of your property.
  • 3.10.Should either party wish to terminate this agreement outside of a fixed term tenancy period, three month’s written notice must be given by either party. The Full Management Service is applicable only whilst the property is let and occupied.
  • 3.11.In between lettings, we cannot accept any liability for damage to the property or the maintenance of it whilst it is un-let or unoccupied, unless we are instructed to perform the Vacant Management Service. (Please see below).

*Additional fees apply.


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